Welcome to Escalante City

Welcome to Escalante City, a small ranching town nestled along Utah’s Scenic Byway 12. With only 850 residents, we are still the largest town for 70 miles in all directions. We pride ourselves on bringing a unique charm to our corner of Southern Utah.

Here on our official website you will find information about our town and our history. You will also find city resources and services for our residents in addition to information about our local government and opportunities for travelers. We hope you are able to find what you are looking for. Thank you for visiting.



Candidates  – Council member 4 years 
Marlene Stowe  P.O. Box 364, Escalante Utah 84726
Lenza Wilson  435-690-9146
Bob Hartman 435-826-4265
Guy Graham   435-826-4644

Public Notices

Resolution 2019-02 Proposed Loan for Legal Fees 

Meetings Overview

Escalante City Events
July 24th Celebration 

Latest City Council Agenda

Latest P&Z Agenda

City Council Meeting
6:00 pm @ City Hall
first and third Tuesday 

Planning Commission Meeting
6:00 pm @ City Hall
second and fourth Tuesday (if needed)

View and Search Escalante Municipal Ordinances here:

DOXO Warning/Online Payment

BEWARE: is a “bill Payment” website that looks official but is NOT AFFILIATED with us.

DO NOT use Doxo to pay your water bill.

Roger Brooks Assessment Report